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A Portrait of Eukumindo


Eukumindo stands for European Working Group for Ecumenical Relations with Indonesia. It was established in 1962 as KKKMI (Continental Commission for Church and Mission in Indonesia), and officially registered as Eukumindo in 1974.
Members are mission organisations of churches in the Netherlands

  • in Germany
  • in Switzerland
  • in Great Britain
  • in Ireland

The delegates of member organisations form the General Assembly (GA), which meets once a year, elects the Executive Committee, decides on the budget and the contribution of its members. A relevant theme – relevant both for Europe and for Indonesia – is prepared for and treated in various sessions by the GA, and a broad participation of Indonesians is practiced (usually 3-4 persons are invited from Indonesia).

Regularly invited and often present are guests of WCC, LWF, WARC, EKD, NCC Australia, NCC USA, EED, EMW, a.o, which deal with Indonesia. The ExCom, consisting of 5 members, meets 3 times a year to discuss current business and recent developments in Indonesia. It prepares the annual GA, which serves as a forum for Indonesian issues, especially related to mission.

What Eukumindo does

Eukumindo organises an annual study day, as a platform of exchange for Indonesian issues, especially related to mission. Certain topics may be treated in a series of several study days, each with a different focus. The proceedings of such a series may be published.

The main partner of Eukumindo is the PGI (Communion of Churches in Indonesia). This partnership includes the co-ordination of financial support by the members, as well as the continuous wrestling with basic problems of stewardship. Limited and temporary relations with individual Indonesian churches or projects are possible.

Eukumindo takes part in carrying out special missionary programmes (Indonesian Christians in the Philippines, PERKI Europe).

Eukumindo serves as a forum of communication, exchange of information, discussion, appraisal of activities and fellowship with regard to all issues that are raised either by its members or by the PGI.

Eukumindo has proved to be in a position to act on behalf of organisations that experience a temporary breakdown of relations with Indonesia.

eMail: christian.wagner@mission-21.org

Phone: +41-61- 260 23 01 
Fax: +41-61- 260 21 22

Eukumindo can become operative in certain fields, if and as long as it is deemed necessary by the members and the PGI.

From its beginning Eukumindo has paid serious attention to the still unfinished task of bringing about a better mutual understanding and real mutuality between the Indonesian and the European churches (arrangement of receiving personnel from Indonesian churches, joint deliberations on what mission means in Indonesia and in Europe, extensive mutual information on the developments and problems in the respective countries, etc.)

In crucial times Eukumindo also expresses its view concerning burning issues (written papers and comments on East Timor, on Papua and the conflict on the Molukkas, Halmahera, Poso, Kalimantan and Aceh). Starting with the “New Order” Eukumindo has in many ways been involved in human rights issues.

Eukumindo is an open body, which makes every endeavour to co-ordinate its work with other ecumenical bodies.

Eukumindo is a body which enables churches and mission organisations in Europe to broaden their source of cooperations with other churches and church organisations in Indonesia with whom they do not have bilateral relationship.

What Eukumindo does not do

Eukumindo is not an organisation, which is used by its members to carry out their co-operation with their overseas partners. Eukumindo, therefore, does not act as a consortium, or set up its own administration body.

Eukumindo does not interfere in the bilateral relations of its members, although it endeavours to draw the attention of its members towards Indonesia as a whole (Indonesia as a common field of mission).

According to a verbal agreement with the PGI as well as the Indonesian Churches, Eukumindo usually does not involve itself in political statements, actions etc., unless the Indonesian side is ready to endorse or at least tolerate such activity.

Final remark

Eukumindo members are called to use the platform of Eukumindo as a chance for a trustful exchange with our Indonesian brothers and sisters and to advocate their needs in their respective constituencies. We do as much work as possible with as little organisational structures as absolutely necessary.

updated by Christian Wagner, Secretary of Eukumindo, in March 2012